Food Production in America is Completely Unsustainable: What Can We Do About It?

While we think sometimes prepping can be taken to an extreme (just look at the reactions that the show doomsday prepper gets), there’s no argument that stockpiling food is a smart idea.  Think of it this way: it’s a $500-$1000 investment that just might save the lives of you and your family, or at least tide you over in an emergency situation.

If all of the people affected by Hurricane Katrina had 7-14 days of food and water supplies in their homes, chances are there would have been a lot less turmoil and chaos in the aftermath of that terrible storm.

But what about preparing for situations that aren’t natural disasters?  The first one that comes to mind for us are food shortages. We are caught in the midst of very precarious conditions here in America.  Farmland is diminishing, returning less yield per acre (and less healthy food), and all the while our population and consumption is increasing.

Courtney from FreeLegacyFood was kind enough to reach out and send us this infographic that sheds even further light on the potentially scary future that we have for ourselves in America.  And honestly, we don’t see much hope for the rest of the world either if we as a species keep pillaging the Earth for as much as we can get without any regard for the future.

Are We Headed for a Food Shortage?- An infographic by